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Michael Pucci, P.E., P.P.


Michael Pucci is the President and Senior Managing Member of CPL Partnership. He started with the firm in 1979 and over the last four plus decades he has worked in and with all the firm’s departments and thus has an intricate knowledge of coordinating all of the firm’s disciplines.  These years of experience have helped him develop a talent for working with all the many disciplines and consultants to formulate a cohesive and cost-effective project.  Michael has been a Member of the firm since 1996 and leads the Engineering department of the firm.  He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Engineering designs of the firm, which include mixed use development, urban redevelopment, commercial and industrial development, and residential development including site plans, subdivisions, condominiums and affordable housing.  Within the engineering world at CPL Michael concentrates on adapting decades of experience with the development world to the specific needs and desires of each client for each project.  He draws upon a broad background in related disciplines to seek the most viable and successful engineering design of a project while being mindful of the complementary and sometimes conflicting requirements of the many other disciplines involved in the total project. As the head of the Engineering department at CPL Michael also strives to keep the staff and the firm current with the ever-changing regulatory environment of the many Municipal, County, Regional, State and Federal permits and approvals required in today’s development landscape.  Within the corporate world at CPL Michael now manages the daily operations of the firm and, with the Members of the firm, is focused on keeping the firm current, drawing on the knowledge and experience of the past and using that knowledge to guide the firm forward into the future.  Michael and the members of CPL are always seeking ways to better serve our clients and better protect our environment through innovative and creative development techniques.


Over the course of his career, Mr. Pucci has been qualified before numerous Boards throughout New Jersey as well as the Superior Court, and he has developed excellent relationships with very many of the review agencies involved with a project’s path to completion.  Mr. Pucci is a graduate of Rutgers University and is a licensed Professional Engineer and Professional Planner in New Jersey.